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Re: Bug#428256: ITP: ffrenzy -- Multiplayer platform with dwarfs fighting with/for food

> "Dwarfs" and "dwarves" are both used, but "dwarfs" is more
> traditional (Disney's Snow White had dwarfs).  JRR Tolkien used
> "dwarves" as a sort of philological in-joke, and fantasy writers
> have tended to copy him ever since.

Given the strong influence of JRR Tolkien in the geek mythology, I'd
go for "dwarves", then.

> ...
> >  The game features dwarves who need to collect food as fast as
> >  possible to bring it back to their mushrooms to live. When a dwarf
> >  leaves home without providing it with food for too long, (s)he dies
> Do we know whether any of them are represented as female?  In a lot
> of fantasy settings it's assumed that females are never seen, or
> that they're all treated as male... 

Well, that was just my high sensitivity to gender-neutrality,
here. And, I think that female dwarves are mentioned in Tolkien (they
have beards, though) but not completely sure.

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