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Re: [RFR] templates://gpm/{gpm.templates}

On (12/06/07 06:46), Christian Perrier wrote:
> > "Please enter", rather than "Please mention", and I think the arguments
> > should be passed, rather than used. Another alternative would be
> > 
> >   Please mention any additional arguments the GPM daemon should use.
> Agreed. After some hesitation, I did choose your proposal over just
> rewriting mine with "Please enter".

Sorry, I wrote the email too quickly. I wanted to avoid "Please mention"
again, but neglected to change it. The suggestion should have been

  Please enter any additional arguments that the GPM daemon should use.

(Also correcting a mistake I just spotted in my own suggestion).

Apologies for getting it wrong first time, I hope I didn't create too
much work for you.



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