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Re: [RFR2] templates://mantis/{templates}

> For example, this one (my original proposal) ...
> _Description: Mantis webmaster e-mail address:
>  This address is displayed at the bottom of all Mantis pages.
> In this case the short description is so obvious that it really
> doesn't need a long description. So making reference to it in the
> long description - in order to let the admin know a little more
> about the impact of his/her response  - doesn't seem inappropriate.

My objection is that long descriptions are not *necessarily* displayed
along with the short ones. For instance, in the GTK or KDE interface
(nevr remember which), the long is displayed when you click on an info
button close to the question...or as a help bullet when the mouse goes
over the question. 

In such case, using "This foo" is slightly weird. Hence the "Please
enter the foo that will bar...." style I recommend.

> Please note that I'm still young in this whole review process, so
> take my comments above as my way of trying to get a handle on
> everything.
> That all said, I thought about it some more and came up with this:
>  _Description: Mantis webmaster e-mail address:
> - This address is displayed at the bottom of all Mantis pages.
> + Please enter the webmaster's e-mail address. It will be displayed
> + at the bottom of all Mantis pages.

Yes! This is exactly the style I tend to give preference to. And,
here, noone can accuse be of using a too cold style, right? :-)

> _Description: Web server to configure:
>  Apache can be automatically configured to use Mantis by creating links in
>  /etc/{apache-version}/conf.d/. Select all the versions of Apache you would
>  like to automatically configure.

s/Select/Please select: writing consistency, maybe

> Template: mantis/passwordnote
> Type: note
> _Description: Administrator's password must be changed:
>  By default the mantis package creates an administrator account.
>  The password for this account is 'root'.
>  .
>  It is highly recommended to change this password immediately after
>  installation is complete.

s/By default/By default,

I may be influenced by French typography, though

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