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Re: [SPAM] - Re: [RFR] Description of new tcltrf package - Bayesian Filter detected spam

On 5/30/07, Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> wrote:
Sergei Golovan wrote:
> I'm preparing new tcltrf package for Debian and asking someone to
> review its description.

My I-Am-Not-A-Tcl-Programmer warning still applies, of course.

You are English speaker, which is more important in this case.

> Package: tcltrf
> Description: Tcl data transformations library (runtime)

Should this be:
  Description: Tcl data transformations - runtime library
  Description: Tcl data transformations - development files
...or am I garbling it?

> This package contains an extension to Tcl, which provides various

Again s/, which/which/ before a definition.

When you talk about "this package", do you really mean the Trf

Not really. I mean "Debian package tcltrf" here. Trf library is a Tcl
extension itself.

Isn't it better to say: "Trf is an extension to Tcl which provides various
data transformations"?

> data transformations. The collection of provided transformation
> procedures includes:
>  * generation of message digests (hash values, checksums): MD2,
>    MD5, SHA/SHS, SHA-1, HAVAL, RIPEMD-128, -160, CRC (polynomial
>    used by PGP), ADLER (based upon zlib);

Google says it's an "Adler" hash rather than an "ADLER" hash.
Unless this is capitalised for some reason specific to Tcl?

You're right. I've taken incorrectly capitalized word from Trf readme
file and didn't check it.

>  * conversion from and to various data encodings: dual, octal,
>    hexadecimal representation, uuencoding, base64-encoding,
>    ASCII85-encoding;

"Conversion to and from" is more idiomatic.  "Dual" is "binary"; and
I'll shuffle the order slightly.

>  * a Reed-Solomon error correcting coder;

Google doesn't believe in this expression, but I'm not sure what's
correct.  Maybe "an error-correcting Reed-Solomon encoder/decoder"?

Yes. encoder/decoder looks better.

>  * compression/decompression based on zlib and libbz2.
> This package contains runtime library to be used in Tcl programs.
> .
> Homepage: http://tcltrf.sourceforge.net/

Modified as in memchan.

Thank you very much for the review. The description looks much better now.

Sergei Golovan

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