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Re: [LCFC] templates://ucf/{templates.master}

MJ Ray wrote:
> The following should say "currently-installed", not "currently
> installed":
> Template: ucf/changeprompt_threeway
> Template: ucf/changeprompt

To me that looks okay, but I suspect it's because I'm another
en_GB-speaker.  All the style references I can find that mention the
issue (such as the Chicago Manual of Style) advise against the
hyphen here.  The rationale is that the hyphen in constructions like
"many little-known flaws" helps to show the structure of the phrase,
but in "Xly Yed" constructions, the adverb always modifies the
immediately following word, so hyphenation is superfluous.

> The long description has "can not" which probably should be "cannot",
> unless two words is US English (inferred from "behavior" (mis)spelling).

I think you're right.  "Cannot" is accepted both sides of the
Atlantic as slightly more formal than "can't" (and in fact some US
guides seem to find "can't" unacceptably colloquial); "can not" is
emphatic, but has the disadvantage that it can be ambiguous ("it can
not happen"). 
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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