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[TAF] templates://mediawiki1.10/debian/templates

	Hi all !

Could you review my templates for mediawiki1.10 before upload ?

Thanks for the help !

You can CC me to discussions too.

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Template: mediawiki1.10/webserver
Type: multiselect
Choices: apache, apache-ssl, apache2, cherokee
Default: apache2
_Description: Web server(s) to configure automatically:
 Please select the web server(s) that should be configured
 automatically for mediawiki1.10.

Template: mediawiki1.10/upgrade
Type: select
Choices: ${list}
_Description: Perform upgrade from :
 At least one mediawiki packages has been previously installed.
 You may upgrade your old installation. The new package version 
 uses /var/lib/mediawiki1.10 for the wiki files.
 The old database needs to be updated too.
 This operation can be done automatically: the database will be
 backed up, upgraded, and a new configuration file will be prepared
 for the new version. The operation can be performed now. Alternatively,
 you can perform it later by launching, as root,

Template: mediawiki1.10/upgrade-adminuser
Type: string
Default: root
_Description: Database administrative user for old mediawiki:
 Please provide a MySQL account that has administrative access to the
 mediawiki old database.
 When in doubt, the MySQL root account can be used.
 An AdminSettings.php file will be generated unless the root account is

Template: mediawiki1.10/upgrade-adminpass
Type: password
_Description: Database administrative password for old mediawiki:
 Please specify the password of the MySQL account with administrative
 access to the old mediawiki database.

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