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Re: [RFR] templates://squid/{templates}

> >  The values for 'cache_effective_user' and/or 'cache_effective_group'
> >  in Squid's configuration file are incompatible with owner/group of cache
> >  directories.
>    in Squid's configuration file are incompatible with the owner/group of
>    the cache directories.

Erf. For once I refrained myself to add "the" and decided to wait for
you guys to spot the Japanese style in the sentence..:-). I noticed
that I sometimes tend to add articles everywhere which probably gives
a typical French accent to my rewrites..:)

>    However, please note that if you specified a cache directory
>    different from /var/spool/squid, and if the selected directory is
>    used by other programs (e.g. /tmp), this could affect those programs.

Adopted. I moved "(e.g. /tmp)" after "directory" because this is
obviously an example directory name not an example "other program" name.

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