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[TAF] templates://avelsieve/{templates}

The avelsieve package introduced new or modified debconf
templates. This is the perfect moment for a review to help the package
maintainer following the general suggested writing style and track
down typos and errors in the use of English language.

If someone wants to pick up this review, please answer to this mail,
in the mailing list, with an [ITR] (Intent To Review) label.

The templates file is attached.

To propose the file you reviewed for peer review, please send a [RFR]
(Request For Review) mail with the reviewed file attached...then a few
days later, when no more contributions come, a summary mail with a
[LCFC] (Last Chance For Comments) label.

Finally, after no more comments coming to the LCFC mail, you can send
the reviewed templates file as a bug report against the package.

Then, please notify the list with a last mail using a [BTS] label
with the bug number.

Helping the package maintainer to deal with induced translation
updates at that momebt will be nice. If you're not comfortable with
that part of the process, please hand it off to a translator.


Template: avelsieve/runconfig
Type: boolean
_Description: Activate avelsieve automaticaly after installation?
 It is important to activate this squirrelmail plugin by running
 squirrelmail-configure. This can be done automaticaly here.

Template: avelsieve/no_purge
Type: note
_Description: Installed sieve filters will not be removed!
 Because users of your Squirrelmail installation possibly don't have access
 to sieveshell they might not be able to remove existing filters they made
 through avelsieve. Those filters are NOT removed (even if you purge
 Please remember to administrate your sieve filters for all mailboxes now
Source: avelsieve
Section: web
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), dpatch, po-debconf

Package: avelsieve
Architecture: all
Depends: squirrelmail (>= 2:1.4.9), ${misc:Depends}
Recommends: cyrus21-imapd | cyrus-imapd-2.2
Description: Sieve Mail Filters Plugin for Squirrelmail
 Avelsieve is a Squirrelmail plugin for creating Sieve scripts on a Cyrus IMAP
 server that runs timsieved (Tim's Sieve daemon).
 It provides a wizard-like interface that, in the end, creates part of a Sieve
 script, a so called rule. It then assembles all the rules to form a Sieve
 script. For the sake of user-friendliness, it provides only a subset of Sieve's
 functionality; the main goal was to provide a simple interface for Joe User to
 create server-side filters without knowing anything about the language itself.
 SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP. It runs on
 top of any IMAP server and includes support for the STMP protocol.
 Cyrus is a fully-featured IMAP daemon, with a number of features not found in
 other IMAP implementations.
 Sieve is server-side email filtering brought to you through cyrus.
  Homepage: http://email.uoa.gr/projects/squirrelmail/avelsieve.php

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