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New 0.4 version of the debconf review toolkit

I have built a new version of the Debconf review toolkit, which is the
set of scripts I use on my own system to manage the process of debconf
reviews and subsequent translation updates.

It is available in http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/smith/

Changes (not Frenglish-proof):

	Bug Fixes:
	* rewrite-bug: use the first line of the intent status
	  file to get the date of the intent mail
	* rewrite-bug: clean out the patch file before creating it
	  so that files do not appear more than once
	* rewrite-common: replace DAYINTENT in templates by the
	  date of the intent mail
	* rewrite-common: escape slash characters in templates file
	* rewrite-done: use the correct line (2nd) to get the bug number
	* rewrite-done: do not include the entire debian/po directory
	  but only *.po and templates.pot
	* rewrite-todo: only warn for package the day *after* the deadline 
	  is passed

	New features:
	* rewrite-status: allow specifying an optional package as
	  argument to get the status for that package only

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