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Re: New debconf template for webcalendar

Quoting Rafael Laboissiere (rafael@debian.org):
> A new debconf question has been introduced in the webcalendar package and
> needs review/translation.  The text for this question was stolen from the
> gallery2 package, but it would be good if the l10n-english team could review
> it.
> BTW, I am not sure whether the debconf templates have been ever reviewed
> (webcalendar maintainership was taken over recently by Lyz Bevilacqua and
> me), so feel free to review the whole file, which is attached below.

I indeed just posted the message intended to mention the dle
contributors that this review should be done....so expect some news in
a few days.

Please note that the entire review process takes time (about 30 days)
because it integrates a translation updates/new translations round in
addition to the English review.

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