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Debconf rewrite project: review the call-update.txt mail

Please find attached to this mail the mail that will be sent to
translators for a given package when the review process is complete.

This mail calls for translation updates. This is indeed a template
mail for the podebconf-report-po utility. Some fields are to be
replaced by generated data for the package.

This mail is the first mail mentioned in Step 5 (call for translation
updates) of the process we describe in

Please comment and, as usual, correct my broken English.

# Lines beginning with a number sign are comments, they are removed when
# sending mails.  If a line is composed of a # followed by a 'Name: Value'
# pair, it is interpreted as a mail header field and is passed to your mail
# transport agent.  You can edit/add/remove those header fields.
# From: <from>
# Subject: <subject>
# This mail will be sent to the following people:
# (you can update email addresses, remove a line or add/remove the cross
# between the brackets)


The debian-l10n-english team reviewed the debconf templates for

This resulted in rewrites that make your existing translation incomplete.

A round of translation updates is now launched to bring all
translations back to completeness.




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