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Re: [LCFC2] templates://lwat/templates

On (14/03/07 18:49), Christian Perrier wrote:
> James' comments lead me to slightly rewrite some templates. See my
> followups to the answers to the LCFC mail.

It looks pretty good to me now.

> Template: lwat/minPwNumber
> Type: string
> Default: 1
> _Description: Minimum number of digits (characters 0-9) in passwords:
>  Please enter the minimum number of characters in the 0-9 range that
>  will be mandatory in users' passwords.

This is clear now, and I appreciate your concerns for the users who
don't have the templates localised to their language. However for a
native speaker they probably see "characters in the 0-9 range", and
wonder why it doesn't just say "digits". Everything is there though, so
I say go with this version.



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