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Re: Starting a project to review ALL debconf templates in packages


Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> (05/03/2007):
> I would like to propose you (aka Debian translators AND
> debian-l10n-english contributors) a new project. This project has "No
> Name Yet" and is indeed a full debcon templates rewrite/proofread
> project.
> Please comment on the project idea....and the process below. Of
> course, proofreading my English is also needed.

I fully support the idea, but I have a few comments (see below).

> ========================================================================
>                Step 1: notify the package maintainer
>                       <DAY00> to <DAY06>
> One of the members of the rewrite team ("the reviewer") notifies the
> package maintainer of the intent to work on the package's templates.
> The reviewer sends a message with "[ITT] po-debconf://<package>/en.po"

I would say ITR (Intend to review) instead of ITT (adding tags to the
various bots is a very easy task).

> A 7 days delay is given to the package maintainer to ACK for this
> action or deny it.

Why would you ask for an ACK to submit a wishlist bug proposing an
improvement? I would move this ACK request between step4 and step5
(which would also give time to maintainers to "review the review" before
starting the translation updates).

> ========================================================================
>                 Step 4: Send the review to the BTS
>                             <DAY16>
> ========================================================================
>                Step 5: Call for translation updates
>                           <DAY16>

Note also that this action should be coordinated with the debconf
maintainers. The support of the "Note" template is probably going to be
dropped, but I don't know when. If it's early in the release cycle (and
knowing that many of these debconf notes are pointless even in a
NEWS|README.Debian files), it would be a waste of time to review these


Thomas Huriaux

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