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Re: Review of install-menu manpage.

Hello Debian L10N English,

Thanks to your great feedback, I have a made a second version that
should be better (in attachment).

.TH  install-menu 1 "28 November 2005" "Debian Project" "Debian GNU/Linux manual"
install-menu \- Process a menu method and generate the menu files for a window
manager or a menu-aware application.
.B update-menus(1)
computes the list of menu entries and passes it in turn to the menu methods in
\fI/etc/menu-methods/\fP. The task of the
menu methods is to generate menu files for the respective window managers.
.B install-menu 
facilitates this task. The documentation of the
.B install-menu 
definition language is available in the Debian Menu manual, a local copy being
available in 
.BR /usr/share/doc/menu/html.
.B install-menu [-vh] [--remove] <menu-method>
Read menu entries from stdin in \fIupdate-menus --stdout\fP format and generate
menu files using the specified menu-method.
Normally used in menu method scripts as \fI#! /usr/bin/install-menu\fP.
.IP "-h,--help" 
Show the help message and exit.
.IP "--remove" 
Remove the menu files instead of generating them.
.IP "-v,--verbose" 
Output outline of operations that are performed.
.B install-menu
is distributed under the term of the GNU General Public License version 2, or
(at your option) any later version. 
Written by Joost Witteveen
.RI <joostje@debian.org>.
Now maintained by Bill Allombert
.RI <ballombe@debian.org>.
.BR update-menus (1),
.BR menufile (5),
.BR /usr/share/doc/menu/html

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