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English environment not selectable?

I'm not sure whether to send this to
debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org or to
debian-i18n@lists.debian.org, since the problem
is in a menu.  Intuition says the environment
might work if there were some way to get there.

Profound apologies for sending two separate mail
messages.  Despammed's web site can't target two
addresses in one message.

The following quotations from Debian menus
include 4 Japanese words but the rest is English.
Several language environments can be selected.
Starting from the Gnome panel, select menus in
this sequence:

[footprint] アプリケーション [triangle]
[swirl] Debian メニュー [triangle]
アプリケーション [triangle]
システム [triangle]
Language-Environment [triangle]

Then the list of language environments is:

Belarusian environment
Bulgarian environment
Catalan environment
Danish environment
French environment
German environment
Japanese environment
Korean environment
Lithuanian environment
Macedonian environment
Native Language Environment
Native Language Environment - remove
Polish environment
Russian environment
Serbian environment
Spanish environment
Thai environment
Turkish environment
Ukranian environment

I don't exactly understand these two:
Native Language Environment
Native Language Environment - remove

I don't think Debian can guess my native language.
Even if Debian can guess, I don't want to remove my
native language.  Temporarily I want to try using my
native language, and then return to the Japanese
default.  But my native language isn't listed.

Why doesn't English have equal rights?

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