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Re: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

> Double spaces are not valid in English. I have no idea why they are  
> used in some .po files. I always remove them.

This is (or was?) a recurrent debate in debian-l10n-english about the
need of "full stops" or whatever some people call them.

I think that double spaces are indeed some method to render a
typographical usage in some English environment (whether it is
British or Colonial, I don't knwow....:)) where a space after a
sentence is to be a "wide space" when the two ideas are completely

As, ASCII doesn't have really different spaces, this is rendered by
using two of them. Just the same way we, French people, render the
"short space" or whatever our typography junkies call it, before
colons, exclamation and question marks.

This is an occasion for me to mention the debian-l10n-english mailing
list which should be the appropriate place when talking about issues
in English language, requesting for reviews of English writings and
try to seek down some people who would want to review and comment the
translatable strings in dpkg..:-)

Let's CC the folks over there to see if someone is alive..:-)

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