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Debconf Templates Style Guide now part 6.5.2 of Developers Reference

The document formerly known as the "Debconf Templates Style Guide", or
DTSG, which I already publicised from time to time, is now part of the
Developer's Reference in the Best Packaging Practice section.

This document I wrote several months ago, has been rewiewed by Joey
Hess and Denis Barbier and I already received several suggestions from
many users or package maintainers.

It is aimed at giving advices about debconf templates writing with the
following two goals:

-more consistency among Debian packages in the way they interact with
 users and administrators

-better prepare localisation of that part of Debian

-improve the use of the English language in that part of Debian (that
 is, get better English than the one I've put in DTSG itself, for


Section currently numbered as 6.5.2

(please do not put links with the section number as this is likely to change
in future versions of the Developers Reference document)

Suggestions may be sent as bug reports against the
developers-reference pseudo package

Matt, I think you can now remove the direct link you put in the
developer's corner to my version of DTSG. I'll replace the file in
~bubulle/dtsg an point readers back to the developer's reference document.


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