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Re: Would anyone like to help me py proof-reading?

Am So, den 11.04.2004 schrieb Alexander Winston um 23:39:
> On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 21:32 +0200, Daniel E. Atencio Psille wrote:
> > Hi List,
> > 
> > I'm currently working on a speech about packaging and backporting in
> > Debian. The speech will be held on LinuxTag 2004 (June 2004). As my
> > english is far from perfect, especially my written english, I'd like to
> > ask if someone would like to help me by proof-reading the paper.
> Sure, I'd be happy to assist.

Nice :) I'll send you a PM where to find the current draft (DocBook/XML
& HTML) and what my preferences are :)

Thanks again,
Daniel E. Atencio Psille <dea@atencio.de>

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