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Re: apache: call for english review

(d-l-english folks, please keep Fabio CC'ed to answers...)

Quoting Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (fabbione@fabbione.net):
> Hi all guys,
> 	as i promised in my previous email, i think that the apache
> templates are now "stable", and should not get deep changes. I would like
> to ask for a formal review of them before asking the translation teams to
> start their job. Please be so kind to coordinate with Martin Quinson that
> kindly offered to commit suicide^W^W help us in the translation tasks ;)

The best place for english reviews is certainly debian-l10n-english,
full of very careful people who will annoy you with each and every
silly detail in you english templates... :-)

As long as you follow their recommendations, except those from Branden
for removing initial caps in short descriptions ( :-))), you will end
up with perfect templates.

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