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(please keep me CC'ed to answers.....I think I did the Right Thing with
Mail-Copies-To but I'm not sure..)


I need an english teacher... :-)

During the work on po-debconf switch for debconf templates, I very
often find original templates which I "feel" to be incorrect english.

I'm not a very good english speaker, especially when it comes to speak
correct english and not the very simplified "international english" we
all use in our daily communications (this mail is a good example).. :-)

What about the following (taken from the bitlbee package, but this is
very common in other packages) :

 _Description: What machines should be allowed to use BitlBee?
This sounds strange to me and I would rather tend to write "WHICH
machines should be allowed to use Bitlbee ?". 

So, am I wrong...or is the original maintainer wrong ?

When is "which" to be used in such cases ? As far as I remember
english courses I never had at school (learned german and russian),
"which" is to be used when one has to choose in a list or with a
limited number of choices (explicitly gven or not). 

Many thanks in advance for your answers.... I think most debconf
templates for packages deserve a lot of corrections for correct
english. Our work very often speaks some kind of pidgin english which
does not look very professional, imho.....


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