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Geneweb templates : thanks

I'd like to thank Hamish and Colin who kindly proofread the templates
I submitted.

I adopted all modifications suggested by Hamish....

About your remark, Hamish : yes, geneweb's templates are a bit
huge and wordy....

First of all, they are written by a french guy...and you probably know
that we *love* to speak and speak again and again...:-)

Some of them are however used in very rare situations, especially when
upgrading from old unofficial packages I maintained before geneweb
entered Debian.

Others were requirements from users for special setups (for example,
the port number configuration). I will probably considering making
them low priority templates so that they won't bother the majority of

This will be part of the final polishing steps of the package before
sarge release....

Christian Perrier
Debian geneweb and lifelines packages maintainer

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