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Brain,Body,Cognition conferene

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Invitation to the conference:


Brain, Body and Cognition

(Movement and Cognition)

22-24 July 2019

Tel Aviv – Israel



The 3 days conference will discuss also these topics:

Aging and Cognitive-Movement Interaction * Therapeutic Exercise * Ergonomics *Kinesiology * Motor Learning and Behavior * Sport and Exercise Psychology and Physiology * Biomechanics of Movement * Technology and Movement Sciences-Instrumentation * Developmental Aspects of Cognitive-Movement Interaction * Movement Disorders * Motor Control * Coordination and Vestibular Function  * Neuromodulation * Gait * Rehabilitation of Motor Dysfunction * Neuroscience of Dance * Optimizing Human Motor Performance * Cognitive Movement Interaction AND MORE

More details are available on the conference website:  https://www.movementis.com/

Questions please email to office@movementis.com




Avraham Fried - Frizzy


Movement 2019:  Brain, Body, Cognition




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