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[petersonmaxx@googlemail.com: Help for Translation of new web browser]

Hi all,

Not really a Debian translation issue, but this looks like an honest
request for assistence to translate a new program. I haven't looked at
it yet, but I thought I might pass it on to the list, there might be a
taker here.

I'll have a look later myself.

Ciao.                                                         Vincent.
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<http://www.xs4all.nl/~zweije/>      | don't read, does anybody get burnt?"
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we develop the new webkit / Qt based Internet Web Browser http://dooble.sf.net
and are currently in the task of translation, already more than a dozen languages have been translated.
a few are currently open for translation:
Maybe you can help us, by making a revision of your language or even to translate? it takes 30 minutes.
Please have a lool, I write to you, as I know you from the debian translation.
If you want to maintain or translate a file, download it out of the given path above and open it with Linguist, found here:
Thanks for a feedback, if you want to help us to bring the Dooble Browser as an open source alternative to your country!
Thanks a lot

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