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Translation update request for axel-1.0b-6

Hi NL/DE folks,

Can someone please take a look at the de.po and nl.po files of axel and
update the translations?  New translations are welcome too :)

$ pwd
$ postats -f
de.po                    -    47/  3/47    (100%)  -0
nl.po                    -    47/  0/47    (100%)  -0
x(100%)x                 -    94/  3/94    (100%)  -0

The fixes for #196431 (debian/patches/03_longurl) and #449368
(debian/patches/04_ftpcwd) also introduce new strings and I would like
to include the translations in those patches itself.  Please feel free
to email me directly or file a patch against the above bugs.

The above indicated patches are available from the axel Debian package
subversion repository:


axel_1.0b.orig.tar.gz which has the original de.po and nl.po files can
be "apt-get source"ed from the archive.

Thanks and regards,


PS: I am sending this request for the first time based on the
instructions in Debian i18n and l10n manual, please do let me know if
the process for requesting has changed; or if I can do this better next

PPS: I am not subscribed to any of the mailing lists on To:/Cc: so
please do Cc: me on responses.

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://www.appaji.net/

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