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Re: [LCFC] po-debconf://egroupware (15 strings)

On Friday 14 April 2006 20:27, Kurt De Bree wrote:
> #. Type: multiselect
> #. Description
> #: ../egroupware-core.templates:17
> msgid ""
> "eGroupWare supports any web server that supports PHP 4, but this "
> "configuration process only supports some Apache variants.  Feel free to
> " "submit any hint or patch that would help in the setup of other web
> servers." msgstr ""
> "Alle webservers die PHP4 ondersteunen worden ook door eGroupWare "
> "ondersteund, maar deze configuratietoepassing ondersteunt slechts enkele
> " "Apache-varianten. Tips of patches die bij de configuratie van andere "
> "webservers helpen mag u steeds naar ons sturen."

s/patches die/patches voor/
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