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[D-I] Switching to the "master" file for Dutch

Last week, the Dutch translation of Debian Installer was switch to use
only one big file, just like all other languages do.

Many thanks to people who accepted this change, which I know is not
exactly what you people wanted. In understand the concerns you had,
mostly with proofreading. However, as changes should now be rather
atomic, I think that proofreading can still be made on the big file.

My usual method for French is doing a diff between the old file and
the new one, and post this diff as RFR message.

Fixes are needed to the master file. Several "fuzzy" strings have been
introduced for strings hich are common to several packages. These
strings had slightly different translations among packages. The merge
script kept them all in the new entry in the master file and then
marked these entries as "fuzzy".

So, the needed work is picking one of these translations for each of
these strings.

The same switch has been made on the sarge branch today. I suggest
that you wait for the trunk-->sarge synchronisation script to run
before updating the srage branch. This script only runs on Sundays at
21h27 UTC.

So, I suggest that the master file in trunk is updated before tomorrow
evening, at least for the fuzzy removal. You can forget about the
timezones stuff now as this is still a moving target and it isn't in
sarge anyway.

Please don't hesitate asking questions by mail or on IRC. Of course,
CC me to mail answers as I'm not subscribed to -dutch.


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