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Re: Bug#282379: Testresults for console-data_2002.12.04dbs-46.2

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> Package: console-data
> Version: 2002.12.04dbs-46.2
> Severity: grave
> On Tuesday 16 November 2004 06:35, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Folks, If I'm correct, the sid_d-i builds of 20041116 will include the
> > new console-keymap udebs.
> >
> > Please test the keyboard selection as much as possible with these
> > builds, especially the new features bringed by this new console-data:
> I've done some tests, and here are the results:
> - Start d-i in medium priority and select Dutch/Netherlands; choose
>   PC-stijl-toetsenbord: no keymap list is shown, but 'us' keymap is
>   selected automatically.
>   The keymap list _should_ be shown here.
>   If I select USB/Mac, the keymap list _is_ shown (with correct sorting).
>   If I select English/US, the list is also shown.
> - Start d-i in default priority and select Dutch/Netherlands; keymap
>   selection appears to be skipped altogether (consistent with item above).

All these seem to be the same problem.

I've narrowed it and possibly found the source of the problem.

It happens only for Dutch and Norwegian as far as I can see. These two
languages are the ones and only the ones which have used some commas
in keyboard layout names translations.

The sorting script does escape commas and, indeed, in the templates
file, these commas are really escaped in Choices-nl, Choices-nb (and
Choices-no) fields.

However, for whatever reasons, cdebconf breaks on these templates. The
consequence is that the template is not shown...but no error is
reported : a "safe" default is used.

A simple short term solution is probably by removing the commas in
these translations.

I suggest replacing them by dashes:

Braziliaans, ABNT2-indeling (br-abnt2)

--> Braziliaans - ABNT2-indeling (br-abnt2)

and so on.

If the Dutch team and Bjørn do not object, I can take care of it in
both translations.

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