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Re: new Debian flyer (was: Re: Debian booth at the Free Software Bazaar)


[I've sent this message to debian-event-eu before]

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 09:57:04AM +0200, Joost van Baal wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 12:16:33AM +0200, Jama Poulsen wrote:
> > 
> > * Joost is working on updating the Debian flyer file, so he
> >   probably wants some feedback on the result from different people.
> >   Contact him for the details.
> My work is available from http://mdcc.cx/~joostvb/flyer/ .  I've changed
> the work on
> :pserver:anonymous@cvs.infodrom.org:/var/cvs/debian/goodies/flyers (
> http://www.nl.debian.org/events/materials/flyers/general/ ) in various
> ways:  I felt the original flyer told why Debian Developers like Debian,
> and not why newbie's might like Debian.  It had lots of text about the
> Debian community, and less text about what a Debian system is like.
> I've done some webbrowsing and read some "Why Debian Rocks"-like
> webpages.  I've included the reasons people mention on these pages, and
> skipped some stuff which is more likely convincing developers, but not
> end users.  (I know: the line is vague... :)
> BTW: only english and dutch are updated.  This means my new folder has
> no dansk.tex deutsch.tex francaise.tex italiano.tex portugues.tex
> svenska.tex yet.  Translations are welcome.
> Please tell me wether you like the result.  Patches are welcome.  If
> there are not big objections made within reasonable time, I'll bring the
> .ps to a printer and present the flyers on the SANE Free Software
> Bazaar, September 29.

http://mdcc.cx/~joostvb/flyer/nederlands.tex zou de Nederlandse
vertaling van http://mdcc.cx/~joostvb/flyer/english.tex moeten zijn.
Verbeteringen van de vertaling zijn welkom.




PS: gebruik de Mail-Followup-To header aub en stuur antwoorden
dus ook naar mij; ik ben niet geabonneerd op deze lijst.

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