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Looking for new maintainer of manpages-nl


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The manpages-nl package ( Manual Pages Translated into Dutch ,
http://nl.linux.org/doc/manpages.php )  hasn't been touched since
2001/12/21.  AFAIC, the means this package isn't maintained upstream.
The major part of the translations are made early 2001, from manpages
shipped with Debian `potato'.  Jos Boersema has done the translation
work, I have done some of the packaging work.  I no longer have time to
keep doing the work, and Jos has lost interest.  (Jos, correct me if I'm
wrong here.)

However, the package contains over 1 MB of manpage source (over 200
pages).  It'd be a big shame if this excellent work (by Jos Boersema)
would get lost forever.  Therefore, I here sent out a last call for
people willing to start maintaining this package.

Infrastructure has been set up: a CVS repository is at
:ext:fjordland.nl.linux.org:/home/CVS linuxorg/doc/man , browsable via
http://nl.linux.org/doc/man/, there is a mailinglist (
http://mail.nl.linux.org/manpages-nl/ ).  Of course I'm willing to give
people who'd like to pick this up some help, if needed.  The main issue
is: make sure the various manpages are brought up-to-date, and release a
new tarball.  One might even want to release a tarball with only the
``most important'' pages updated.  I've given a short how-to-get-started
in http://mail.nl.linux.org/manpages-nl/2002-05/msg00000.html .

Issues raised here were discussed earlier, see
http://mail.nl.linux.org/manpages-nl/2002-04/msg00000.html .

I surely hope things will get going again...



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Joost van Baal                .   .
                              .   .                 http://mdcc.cx/
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