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Re: splitting manpages-nl (and perhaps other manpages translations)

Joost van Baal wrote:
> fileutils suggests manpages-fileutils-translation
> manpages-nl-fileutils provides manpages-fileutils-translation
> manpages-de-fileutils provides manpages-fileutils-translation

Ideally, the Dutch (and other) manpages should be distributed together
with the upstream sources.  Fileutils for example should install its
translated manpages itself.

Although you probably need to waive the copyrights on these manpages
to the FSF, which would make fileutils (and other GNU software) a
tougher target.

I'm not sure how this issue should be dealt with.  How do other
languages do this?  I can remember having seen manpages-ja and
manpages-ja-dev alongside xmanpages-ja.  Three monolithic packages.

I think that you shouldn't split the package.

Ivo Timmermans

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