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Re: Bug#856724: [INTL:da] Danish translation of the template apt-listbugs

On 2017-03-20 Francesco Poli wrote:

>> I have a question for you.
>> Is there a specific reason why "severity" is translated with
>> "alvorlighed" in two sentences, but with "vigtighed" in a third
>> sentence?
>> Can I change
>>   #: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:230
>>   msgid "Bugs of severity %s"
>>   msgstr "Fejl med vigtigheden %s"
>> into
>>   #: ../lib/aptlistbugs/logic.rb:230
>>   msgid "Bugs of severity %s"
>>   msgstr "Fejl med alvorligheden %s"
>> ?
>> Please let me know, so that we can further improve the translation!
> Ping?
> Could you please reply to my question (quoted above)?

Thanks for your interest in the Danish translations.

I am answering in lieu of Joe. "Vigtighed" means "importance"
and "alvorlighed" means gravity/graveness. They are both
interchangeable in this context. However, I do not think the
original term "severity" is very good - does e.g. a "wishlist
bug" has any "severity" at all and does it make sense to use
the word "severity" when there is none?

"Importance" is more neutral and better.

I would translate all instances of "severity" to "vigtighed"


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