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Re: Bug#750675: [INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates debian-security-support

Quoting Joe Dalton (joedalton2@yahoo.dk):
> Package: debian-security-support
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n patch
> Please include the attached Danish debian-security-support translations.
> joe@pc:~/over/debian/debian-security-support$ msgfmt --statistics -c -v -o /dev/null da.po
> da.po: 5 oversatte tekster.


Please note that the package has also another PO Ofile with some
messages that are included in debconf templates when those are show to
users. It would be good if that is translated too.

Preferrably do so in a separate bug report. You can get the file to
translate as "po/messages.po" in the package source tree (which you
can get with "apt-get source debian-security-support").

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