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Re: pkg-zope on alioth (english, more or less).

Le Lundi 23 Juin 2003 21:51, Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've set up an alioth project for collaborative maintainership of various
> zope* packages. I don't think i should explain how much productive and
> useful it would be (all zope* packages in the same place with free access
> by more maintainers and translators), so i'll keep it short: it is :)
> I'd like any of you to join the project and commit his
> packages/translations into the CVS repository. I've already included all my
> zope* packages. I've choosed to use a module for each package and then i
> placed the debian directory in there:
> <package>/debian/<files>
> This would actually create an unuseful level of directory, but i'm
> considerig to step to a dbs like building system, so this may come in
> handy.

Ok, all zope-* packages on alioth have been switched to the new gettext format 
for the debconf templates.

Now, everyone can translate the templates.pot which can be found in debian/po 
directory of each zope packages. Don'y forget to copy the file templates.pot 
into fr.po (e.g. for french translation).

Best regards,
Michel Grentzinger
	OpenPGP key ID : B2BAFAFA
		Available on http://www.keyserver.net

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