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Czech translations in manpages-l10n


the Czech man page translation project has been abandoned in 2009. But
some distributions still ship the outdated man-pages-cs package. Not
very useful for users, that's why I've imported the old *roff and mdoc
files into the manpages-l10n project [1] to maintain them using Po4a
[2]. All the files in po/cs/man?/ are merged with the latest
translation templates, which we update approximtely  twice a month.

Maybe someone of you is interested in to reanimate Czech man pages?
Read CONTRIBUTING.md about the workflow. If you have questions, write
to me: mario.blaettermann@gmail.com. The current percentage of
translation stae can be found at [3]. Just click on the buttons to see
the state for a certain distribution.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/manpages-l10n-team/manpages-l10n/-/tree/master
[2] https://po4a.org/index.php.en
[3] https://manpages-l10n-team.pages.debian.net/manpages-l10n/index-cs.html

Best Regards,

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