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Re: my chance

> Dear friend,
> I found your picture on one of the websites, can we talk to
> each other? I might be coming to your place in few weeks.
> This would be a great opportunity to meet each other.
> Btw, I am a woman. I am 25. Drop me a line at no@uwriteme.info

No pani, to jsou mi veci, co s tim budeme delat ? Skoda ze ta slecna 
nezminuje, koho fotku to vlastne objevila ;-)
Ja tedy nemam zajem, ale pokud by mel nekdo z vas ... ;-) A pak napiste, jak 
to dopadlo ;-) ;-)

		Katarína "Bubli" Machálková	

	"Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all
	Together we stand, divided we fall" (Pink Floyd: The Wall)

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