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Debian Reference Card translation: Please help!


once a year I ask for translators for the Debian GNU/Linux Reference
Card at http://people.debian.org/~debacle/refcard/ .  The toolchain is
known to work for left-to-right languages, while the state for
right-to-left (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew) and CJK is unclear to me.  So
I'm looking for translators for European alphabet languages:

    - bg Bulgarian                  - la Latin
    - be Belarusian                 - lb Luxembourgish
    - bs Bosnian                    - lt Lithuanian
    - cs Czech                      - lv Latvian
    - cy Welsh                      - mg Malagasy
    - el Greek                      - mk Macedonian
    - et Estonian                   - nb+nn Norwegian
    - eu Basque                     - ro Romanian
    - fo Faroese                    - se (Northern) Sami
    - ga Irish                      - sk Slovak
    - gl Galician                   - sl Slovenian
    - hr Croatian                   - sq Albanian
    - id Indonesian                 - sr Serbian
    - is Icelandic                  - tl Tagalog

I'm not sure, whether it's useful to have the Refcard in artificial
languages, such as Esperanto (eo), Interlingua (ia),
Interlingue/Occidental (ie), Klingon (tlh), or Volapuk (vo).

If you like to contribute, please contact me first, so that we prevent
doing the same work twice.  If more than one person contacts me about
a translation, I will ask you to cooperate.  The file to translate is


Thanks for your help!

Cheers, WB

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