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Chinese homepage and /security index not updated properly


I have added the file /chinese/security/2017/index.wml and the
corresponding Makefile, and I will track the next builds to see if this
one is also having the same problem as /index and /security/index, or if
it's updated properly when a new security advisory is published.

If the www.debian.org/security/2017/index.zn-*.html pages are shown
updated, we can take the Makefile as example to try to fix the other
ones. If this page also suffers the bug, I think we can tinker more
safely with its Makefile since less "important" pages are affected, and
when we get the clue, go and fix the other ones, more complex.

Chinese team: I think it's not relevant (for this bug) if this page is
translated or not, but if you want to translate it, please go ahead :-)


Laura Arjona Reina

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