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Re: [webwml] chinese: po: blends.zh.po

在 2016年11月27日星期日 SGT 下午12:04:43,Boyuan Yang 写道:
> 对 chinese/po/blends.zh.po 文件的翻译,对应 Debian Pure Blends
> 相关页面。这个文件以前不存在,应该是全新文件提 交。
> 现在的工作可以在 GitHub 上找到:https://github.com/debiancn/debian.org/tree/chinese
> --
> Boyuan Yang


Boyuan Yang
# Boyuan Yang <073plan@gmail.com>, 2016.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Project-Id-Version: Debian webwml organization\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-11-27 11:50+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Boyuan Yang <073plan@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Debian Chinese Team <debian-l10n-chinese@lists."
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Language: zh\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.11\n"

#: ../../english/blends/blend.defs:15
msgid "Metapackages"
msgstr "元软件包"

#: ../../english/blends/blend.defs:18
msgid "Downloads"
msgstr "下载"

#: ../../english/blends/blend.defs:21
msgid "Derivatives"
msgstr "衍生版"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:15
msgid ""
"The goal of DebiChem is to make Debian a good platform for chemists in their "
"day-to-day work."
msgstr "DebiChem 的目标是让 Debian 成为化学家日常工作的优秀平台。"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:22
msgid "Debian Games"
msgstr "Debian Games(Debian 游戏版)"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:23
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Games is to provide games in Debian from arcade and "
"aventure to simulation and strategy."
msgstr ""
"Debian Games(Debian 游戏版)的目标是在 Debian 中提供从街机游戏到模拟和策略游"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:31
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Edu is to provide a Debian OS system suitable for "
"educational use and in schools."
msgstr ""
"Debian Edu(Debian 教育版)的目标是在 Debian 操作系统内提供适合学校教育活动的"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:39
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian GIS is to develop Debian into the best distribution for "
"Geographical Information System applications and users."
msgstr ""
"Debian GIS(Debian 地理信息系统版)的目标是将 Debian 变成适合地理信息系统应用"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:49
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Junior is to make Debian an OS that children will enjoy "
msgstr "Debian Junior 的目标是让 Debian 成为孩童能够乐于使用的操作系统。"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:57
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Med is a complete free and open system for all tasks in "
"medical care and research. To achieve this goal Debian Med integrates "
"related free and open source software for medical imaging, bioinformatics, "
"clinic IT infrastructure, and others within the Debian OS."
msgstr ""
"Debian Med(Debian 医药版)的目标是开发一个在医疗和医药研究领域中完整、自由、"
"开放的操作系统。为了达到这个目标,Debian Med 将医疗影像、生物信息学、门诊 IT "
"基础设施等相关的自由、开源软件集成进入了 Debian 操作系统。"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:65
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Multimedia is to make Debian a good platform for audio "
"and multimedia work."
msgstr ""
"Debian Multimedia(Debian 多媒体版)的目标是让 Debian 成为完成音频与多媒体工"

#: ../../english/blends/released.data:73
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Science is to provide a better experience when using "
"Debian to researchers and scientists."
msgstr ""
"Debian Science(Debian 科学版)的目标是为使用 Debian 的研究人员与科学家提供更"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:14
msgid "Debian Accessibility"
msgstr "Debian Accessibility(Debian 易访问版)"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:15
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Accessibility is to develop Debian into an operating "
"system that is particularly well suited for the requirements of people with "
msgstr ""
"Debian Accessibility(Debian 易访问版)的目标是将 Debian 开发成为一个特别适合"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:23
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Astro is to develop a Debian based operating system that "
"fits the requirements of both professional and hobby astronomers. It "
"integrates a large number of software packages covering telescope control, "
"data reduction, presentation and other fields."
msgstr ""
"Debian Astro(Debian 天文版)的目标是开发一个基于 Debian 的,能够适合专业与业"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:31
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Design is to provide applications for designers. This "
"includes graphic design, web design and multimedia design."
msgstr ""
"Debian Design(Debian 设计师版)的目标是为设计师提供应用程序。它包含了图像设"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:38
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian EzGo is to provide culture-based open and free technology "
"with native language support and appropriate user friendly, lightweight and "
"fast desktop environment for low powerful/cost hardwares to empower human "
"capacity building and technology development  in many areas and regions, "
"like Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Vietnam  using Debian."
msgstr ""
"Debian EzGo 的目标是提供基于本地文化的开源、自由技术成果,包含本地语言支持和"
"工作基于 Debian 平台。"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:46
msgid ""
"The goal of FreedomBox is to develop, design and promote personal servers "
"running free software for private, personal communications. Applications "
"include blogs, wikis, websites, social networks, email, web proxy and a Tor "
"relay on a device that can replace a wireless router so that data stays with "
"the users."
msgstr ""
"FreedomBox 的目标是开发、设计并推广运行应用于私密、个人通信的自由软件的个人服"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:54
msgid ""
"The goal of Debian Hamradio is to support the needs of radio amateurs in "
"Debian by providing logging, data mode and packet mode applications and more."
msgstr ""
"Debian Hamradio(Debian 无线电版)的目标是支持满足无线电爱好者的需求,在 "
"Debian 内提供包括日志记录、数据模式和包模式等等方面的应用程序。"

#: ../../english/blends/unreleased.data:63
msgid ""
"The goal of DebianParl is to provide applications to support the needs of "
"parliamentarians, politicians and their staffers all around the world."
msgstr ""
"DebianParl 的目标是提供可以支持全世界各个议会议员、政治家及其下属工作人员日常"

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