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[    6.787399] [drm:intel_dsm_platform_mux_info] *ERROR* MUX INFO call failed


The driver may be installed normally on Optimus systems, but the NVIDIA X
driver and the NVIDIA OpenGL driver may not be able to display to the laptop's
internal display panel unless a means to connect the panel to the NVIDIA GPU
(for example, a hardware multiplexer, or "mux", often controllable by a BIOS
setting) is available. On systems without a mux, the NVIDIA GPU can still be
useful for offscreen rendering, running CUDA applications, and other uses that
don't require driving a display.

现在我的显卡没法用OpenGL的程序(提示说Invalide OpenGL context),怀疑和 *ERROR* MUX INFO call failed有关,谁能帮忙解决以下??

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