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Re: Catalan translation of the Debian website, small updates

Hi Joan Albert
(please CC me, I'm not subscribed)

El 16/10/20 a las 16:38, Joan Albert Erraez escribió:
> Hi Laura,
>> I was wondering if any of you would like to help update the Catalan
>> translation of the Debian website.
> Did someone took this up? If not, I would like to help with Catalan translation, but unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge of how translations are managed within the Debian website.
> Is there any tutorial explaining the process? I may not be the only one willing to help.
Thanks for your interest!

One person contacted me privately and I sent instructions, but no
further contact since then, nor updates to the website.

I'm CC'ing them (hidden) for the case they want to pop up in the

The website has two types of files to translate: several .po files, and
then the wml files.

I would suggest to start with the .po files, since it's similar to other
translation work.

You can download them separately from here:


(or you can clone the whole repo if you prefer to work with git).

Update the PO files with your favourite editor (POedit, Lokalize or any
other) and then send them to the list for review.

When they are ready (or if nobody can review them after some time) you
can send them to be uploaded to the repo in several ways:
* Ask somebody in the Catalan list if they can upload the files

* If you work with git and Salsa, commit them to your clone, and submit
a Merge Request. Please state if they were reviewed or not, and that
they are ready to be uploaded, since we cannot check them language-wise).

* Or you can send the files to debian-www@lists.debian.org mailing list.

Next to the .po files, you can update the index.wml file (the website
homepage). For that, you need to compare it with the English version.

    This is the English file:


    And this is the Catalan one:


I think you can figure out easily but feel free to ping me if you need
further assistance.

If you start working in some file, to avoid duplicate work with other
translation, I suggest to send an email to the list with your "intent to
translate", for example, the subject would be:

[ITT] wml://index.wml
[ITT] wml://templates.ca.po

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina

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