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Completing the Catalan translation for D-I

Hello fellow world domination competitors,

Yesterday, a huge final sprint by Guillem, Jorda and Robert achieved
the re-completion of the D-I installation guide translation to
Catalan (others are maybe involved, please forgive me if I forgot you).

However, the D-I translation itself is still incomplete.

I was mentioned on IRC that this is Jordi's usual work. However, Jordi
might be busy elsewhere, or running/hiking in some nice mountains or
whatever. And the ca.po file still remains with 14 fuzzy and 15
untranslated strings.

I can't believe it will stay in that state. We're talking about one of
the oldest translations of D-I, here.....so this is just a matter of
/me beating you guys enough to get an update....hopefully before next
Thursday (yes, Feb 14th) where the mass build of D-I packages will

Can you help me being right once again?


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