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Re: Bug#412312: iconv fails when converting Catalan "ela geminada" character

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 10:35:31PM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> > No it does not, iconv is meant as a 1:1 converter. If you want more
> > subtle and evolved conversions, please use recode.
> > 
> >   ŀ and Ŀ do not exist in latin1/9 so it's valid not to be able to
> > convert them.
> > 
> >   Please do consider that echo $foo | iconv -f utf8 -t latin1 | iconv -f latin1 -t utf8 
> > should be identity (if every character in $foo exists in utf8). With
> > your request, it's no longer true, as converting e.g. ŀ back and forth
> > would give you l· in utf-8 as well, which is incorrect.
> Hi Pierre,
> My real intention was gaining the ability to use ŀ and Ŀ in gettext
> translations, with the certainty that gettext will manage to convert them for
> people still using latin1.
> I was under the impression that iconv relied on the same backend that gettext
> does, and so that fixing iconv would automaticaly fix gettext.  But as you put
> it, sounds like that's not the case.
> Do you know what is needed to archieve what we want?

  I think you can pass //TRANSLITERATE or sth like that to do what you
want (I think). I'm not sure it's iconv that provides that though.

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