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Re: Bug#600071: [l10n:eu] tripwire 2.4.2-5.1: updated Basque translation

Quoting dooteo (dooteo@euskalgnu.org):

> #. Type: note
> #. Description
> #: ../templates:14001
> msgid ""
> "You are strongly urged to delete both the site key file, /etc/tripwire/site."
> "key, and local key file, /etc/tripwire/${hostname}-local.key, and "
> "reconfigure this package using dpkg-reconfigure once you have completed this "
> "upgrade.  This will result in new key files and protect the configuration "
> "and policy files once the are generated."
> msgstr ""
> "Biziki gomendatzen da bai gunearen gakoa (/etc/tripwire/site.key) "
> "bai lokaleko gakoa (/etc/tripwire/${ostalaria}-local.key) ezabatzea, "


You translated a variable name. Very bad idea..:-)

Fixed file attached.

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