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Re: Arabic debconf dialogs

On 07/26/2010 02:10 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

I was testing arabic support in hurd-i386 d-i, and a couple of glitches
showed up (same on Linux), attached as png screenshots, I was wondering
whether these are known.

The first is about the http proxy url, which doesn't look syntactically
correct to me.

The second and third are about device paths, instead of dev/hd0/, it
should be /dev/hd0.

this is a common problem because of the direction of writing from right to left
if you add an English letter before the paths or before the URL , it will appear normal



the problem here appears by setting message text direction RTL , with a text direction LTR the problem solves


the problem also solves if we wrote the text in opposite direction, look to this text with direction RTL appear normal than the one in the picture "dev.png"

الجزء 1# من dev/hd0/ كext2

الجزء 5# من dev/hd0/ كإبدال

but with text direction LTR it will be

الجزء 1# من dev/hd0/ كext2

الجزء 5# من dev/hd0/ كإبدال

i use BiDi Mail UI http://bidiui.mozdev.org/ to switch text direction here in this message ,
finally as Arabic user i always prefer running all programs with English GUI because of this problem.


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