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Re: question

Quoting ahmat uyghur (ahmatuyghur@gmail.com):
> I am an uyghur student in university ,we are an ethnic groop in china .there
> are many people know english ,may you cooperate translate the system in
> uyghur language?
> best regards: ahmat

(speaking with my Debian i18n hat)

When speaking about "translate the system", hat part of Debian are you
thinking about?

Most end-user tools are usually translated "upstream". For instance,
GNOME translations are done in the GNOME i18n team. The same goes for
OpenOffice.org or Mozilla stuf, etc.

In Debian the now established start is to translate the installer. If
this is the way you ant to go (for instance, if upstream translations
effort is already happening for end-user applications), then we should
continue the discussion here.


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