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Re: CVS-Arabeyes: debian-installer_packages_po.po

On Sat, Apr 01, 2006, manar droubi wrote:
>    alsalam 3alekom

Wa aalaykom alsalam !

>    i have just subscribed to the mailing list of the Debian translation
>    project!

You're very welcome here!

>    I'm really very excited about this project, i am wondering if i can
>    contribute to this project!

Sure you can.

>    I'm very confused about the process of this project, pls if i can help in
>    this project pls just tell me how

The structure of this project is that we try to translate :
* the debian installer
* the debian website
* the debian po-debconf templates.

We actually work in collaboration with the Arabeyes project
(www.arabeyes.org). So the best way to participate would be first to
read some documentation :


Then please, recontact me as soon as this is done. And I'll tell you
what files you can translate. For your information, we have a status bar
that shows the work in progress:

When all the work is done, I'll feed it with some more things to
translate ;)

Thanks for your future contributions,
Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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