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Re: help

You could try to disable hotplug.
I known it is possible but I don't know how (I think you can add an option in lilo or grub, or somehow preventing it from starting at boot during the installation).

Or if you don't manage to disable it you could try to reinstall your system without installing hotplug (but it s may be not a good idea)

good luck

On 1/12/06, s a <samih1079@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have problem to install the Debain linux at my laptop (HP pavilion ze2039)
After installing the base debian (CD 1) and restarting the laptop it stopped at:
" Starting hotplug subsystem:
it stopped there and did not continue.
What can I do?

Samih Abbas
Nahif, code:20137, P.O.B:548

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