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Debian WWW CVS commit by witch: webwml arabic/debian-ar.css armenian/debian-hy ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/webwml
Module name:	webwml
Changes by:	witch	05/12/22 13:26:36

Modified files:
	arabic         : debian-ar.css 
	armenian       : debian-hy.css 
	esperanto      : debian-eo.css 
	farsi          : debian-fa.css 
	greek          : debian-el.css 
	hungarian      : debian-hu.css 
	indonesian     : debian-id.css 
	italian        : debian-it.css 
	portuguese     : debian-pt.css 
	slovene        : debian-sl.css 
	swedish        : debian-sv.css 
	turkish        : debian-tr.css 

Log message:
	temporarely added the first alternative of quotes for last languages

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