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Re: CVS-Arabeyes: aptitude_po.po

> Update of /home/arabeyes/cvs/translate/debian/level3
> In directory sina:/tmp/cvs-serv12717
> Modified Files:
> 	aptitude_po.po 
> Log Message:
> 26 sentenses "corrected ", almost all sentenses are bad translated.

(automatic commit messages to Arabeyes CVS, posted in the
debian-l10n-arabic mailing list)

People, now I think that you shouldn't need me anymore to "sync"
Arabeyes repository and Debian.

So, please send translations as bug reports against the relevant
packages when you think they're ready, OK? Up to now, as I had (and
still have) commit access for many packages, I used to commit
myself....but I'm giving this task to other people in Debian now and
we can't expect them to pick up files on NN translation teams various

The action of pushing updated translation to the devel projects and
pulling in updates from the projects has now to be an action by the
translation team, not by the devel project itself.

adn (aka Mohammed Adnene Trojette), do you think you can handle
commits back/forth Debian Installer repository....or maybe we can have
a look at it with Ossama when we'll meet at the Debian conference so
that he can make the commits himself.

My general goal is slowly dropping out my involvment in helping you
guys to get your translations used. You're now a small team with
enough skilled people involved, so I think it's time you become
completely autonomous..:-)

Don't worry, I still keep a special eyes on Arabic translaiton
projects because I keep thinking they have a kind of special
importance and you guys know I do love you language even if not
speaking it myself.

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