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Re: which file now

Quoting Ossama Khayat (okhayat@yahoo.com):

> > And finaly which file I translate now??
> Aptitude is requested, so please work on it.

The CVS currently contains the 0.2 branch (which was used in
sarge). However, the work concentrates on 0.3 (the one you probably
received by mail as a result of my call for updates, Ossama).

So, you'd better update the CVS with the 0.3 file. Or do you want me
to do so?

(I prefer not doing so now in case some uncommited work is somewhere)

If so, please commit any uncommited work you might have.

It's also time to start using bug reports to send Arabic translations
to the relevant Debian packages.

Up to now I acted as a gateway because I have access to both Arabeyes
repository and the packages repositories.

However (see -i18n), I'll slow down on this taks and will delegate it
to other people in Debian.

These people will work with Debian BTS. So this means that, starting
from now, it would be better that updated translations in Arabeyes
repository are submitted as bug reports against the relevant packages
so that the person in charge for l10n in these packages does not have
to peek with another repository.

Fopr d-i level1 translations, I would also appreciate the commits to
the d-i repository and grabbing files *from* the d-i repository are
handled by you (you===Arabic translators) and no more by me.

Feel free to ask about any needed details, of course, this will be a
progressive transition.

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